Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday Shopping Security Tips...

This blog originally appeared on the Cryptzone blog site.  You can find the original here.

Cyber Monday will be the largest online shopping day in history according to a recent Adobe Digital Insights report. Thanksgiving Day will show the fastest growth, reaching $2 billion in online sales (15% YoY growth), Black Friday will reach $3.05 billion (11.3% YoY growth), and Cyber Monday will hit $3.36 billion in online sales (9.4% YoY growth).

Guess what? The bad guys also know that you want to spend money online, and Cyber Monday is a big day for them as well. While Cryptzone is not going to directly protect you from credit card fraud, as a security company, we believe in sharing tips and tricks to make everyone more secure, especially during this holiday season. Here are a few tips to consider before you order the latest video game or electronic device online today or this holiday season:
  • Always choose a reputable site. There are soooooo many great e-commerce sites available to choose from. Chances are that you may have ordered from one before. Stick to sites that you know or have done business with previously. Many “brick and mortar” companies have websites offering great deals as well.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you decide to travel off the beaten path to find that epic deal, you may not be getting what you want. Worse, you may not get anything at all. Make certain to do a little research about the product and the company that you are buying from before passing along your credit card information.
  • Beware email and text messages. There are lots of scams this time of year from bad guys supposedly coming from reputable retailers asking you to verify or update your personal information. Be very cautious clicking on links that ask you to enter additional information. It is always a good idea to manually go to a website directly, or, better yet, call the retailer, if you need to update your personal information.
  • Use a credit card with fraud protection. Check with your credit card company about their fraud protection policies. Most credit cards have some level of protection associated with them, but it is better to know exactly what those limits are. Also, if possible, use a credit card instead of a debit card to make online purchases. Generally speaking, a credit card will offer you greater protection and security, while your bank’s debit card will impound your funds while they conduct a fraud investigation.
We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and remember to be safe and smart with your celebrations and purchases!


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